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Confessions of Custom Car Cover Owner!!!

I have been often asked this question, “Why do car covers need customization? Ever since I started my own custom car cover store, it has been a hell of a roller coaster ride. Let me give you a little bit of background about myself, I did my MBA in marketing and salesmanship was something that came naturally to me. In fact I was working with a car company at one of its outlets and to be honest was not doing badly for myself either. That is till the, “be your own boss bug bit me”. However it was easier said than done. After a lot of blueprints, financial reviews and the encouragement from my business partner who owns a auto glass shop. I finally set up my own custom car cover store. Once that had been done my next big problem was to get customers. Cars are something which everyone fancies, but the covers are not. Not a lot of people are into buying or making a custom cover for their car. Market surveys that I conducted pinpointed to the fact that people are not very particular about covering the car up. Many of them think of it as a hassle to cover and uncover every time.

I was discouraged to say the least but then one thing that I had learnt at business school is that if there is no demand for the product, create one. That is one of the most core values that you are taught in marketing. That’s when I started to really promote my stuff. I got a well-made website which could really depict the car and the look of various covers so that the customers could really visualize how their car covers would look like once they used it. Besides this, I took part in car race competitions as sponsor and the winner would get a customized car cover from me. This move got me a lot of exposure. I and my team even held small meetings with customers to highlight the importance of car cover. A car cover does protect your car from a lot of damage than you can actually think off. Keeping your car in the garage can obviously mean that a lot of dust can settle on it and cleaning it will become a tedious job. The car cover will ensure that the car stays protected.

Jimmy’s car cover today is one of the most leading car cover stores in the neighborhood and I am proud to say that I achieved what I set out to.

The Journey Begins With a Cover!!!

Cars are something many of us are passionate about. Well so was I. From a young age I was into the different types of cars that were zipping around the roads. From the high end sports car to the utterly chic ones, I knew everything about them. Since I had a huge passion for cars, that is what I felt should be my career. However due to family situations I could not go to college to pursue my dream of being an automobile engineer. As I was thinking on my possible career options, I could never leave aside the thought of cars. It is this passion that led me to where I am today. Cars was always my thing but it is such a vast area that it took me a little time to find out what would be interesting as well as economically viable for me.

A little introspect and seeing the market conditions, brought me to the option of car covers. I opened my custom car cover store almost 5 years back and since then have never looked back. For me just as the car is important, protecting it with the best custom covers is equally important. There is no one size fits all formula that works and custom car covers are something that will stamp your personality all over the car. Even if you have it lying in the garage, a custom made car cover will be a better idea than the dull boring cover that you normally get. I always tell my customers that even a small scratch can make your car appear ugly. Custom car covers are something that exudes your style, your personality to your car. Apart from protecting your car from the sun, snow, rain and dust it also give your car that zeal and oomph.

I have had customers who were unsure if they required car cover at all or those who were simply ignorant of the fact that even the high end cars need covers too. What I always emphasize to my clients is that a super custom cover will only enhance your car and nothing else. An integral part of owning a car is that it should be cared for and that’s what covers will do for you.

Having instilled this idea among my clients, we now have more customers who are looking at different ways of covering their prized possessions so that it can be protected from the elements of nature.

Welcome to Custom Covers!

Hey guys this is Jose and I just want to share with you my love for custom covers for automobiles! I am extremely happy and excited to be sharing with you guys my knowledge and experiences with this skilled art. I hope to be up[dating everyone soon and will be welcoming any questions you may have.